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ImagePowerful Functionality

Genius was designed from scratch to support the unique needs of online learning environments, such as rolling enrollments and integration with multiple LMSs.

ImageFlexible Configuration

Users can create their own reports, dashboards, email templates and even fields, allowing for unprecedented degree of configuration and flexibility.

ImageIntuitive Interface

Genius was designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, requiring minimal training and providing easy access to data and functionality.


Robust functionality designed for content providers, K12, Districts and State virtual schools.

The Genius Class robust functionality is designed for K12 schools, districts and states. Virtual and Blended schools throughout the world depend on Genius to facilitate an effective school operation.

Genius integrates with over 25 LMSs and delivers a comprehensive feature set that is powerful yet designed to be incredibly easy to use.

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Why Does Your School or Institution Need a Student Information System (SIS)?

If your educational institution isn’t on board with a great Student Information System (SIS), then it’s time to upgrade your system. K-12schools are data-driven when it comes to managing student records, enrollments, grades and financial information. School administrators need a way to efficiently manage this important data to benefit the students and the school.

Genius SIS can alleviate the problems of having multiple departments deal with hundreds of individual tasks and documents every day. By serving as the main hub, the SIS allows employees, staff and students to access a variety of information for data gathering, updating, auditing and accounting information. The data is secure and can be password protected to allow access only to authorized personnel when necessary. Since SIS is an online platform, it makes it easy to use anywhere, anytime.

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Benefits of SIS for School Administrators

The platform can be used to streamline time-consuming jobs like follow-up emails, reports, requests for student records and enrollment verifications.

In the past, these jobs were done by employees whose time would’ve been better spent on more difficult tasks. By using SIS to automate these kinds of jobs, schools can save money on employee hours. Your staff can focus instead on the quality of interaction with students.

Genius SIS has benefits that go beyond saving your staff valuable time. It is also a user-friendly way to enroll students, share data and engage potential applicants. Your school can use SIS as a marketing tool to target demographic candidate leads and to send follow-up emails to interested prospects. Genius SIS is streamlined to create an effective data management tool that will boost your school’s enrollment and promote student satisfaction.

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Simplify how you manage training and continuing education across your organization.

Genius Enterprise centralizes registration and management for all tools you use to deliver training/continuing education. By seamlessly integrating with multiple learning delivery platforms, Genius Enterprise aggregates all your education data under one user-friendly interface.

Users can easily manage who needs education and track how well they were educated using your delivery method of choice. Genius Enterprise provides a wealth of reports from this aggregated data to help you monitor compliance, deliver certifications and track individual learning plans - all in a centralized, intuitive platform.

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Flexible Registration

Genius supports self-registration, including an approval workflow and bulk enrollment functionality.

Powerful Reporting

Genius includes more than 30 reports and allows users to create their own dynamic reports and dashboards.

Full Integration

Genius is integrated with more than 25 LMSs and 10 payment gateways, becoming the central repository for all your data.

End-user Portal

End-users have access to their own portal, allowing them to easily track their courses and access self-service functionality.

Hierarchy and Access

Administrators can group users in a nested hierarchy of Affiliations, ensuring data can be compartmentalized.

Support for eCommerce

Programs can use Genius to charge for certain courses through an integration with external payment gateways.

Your data as you've never seen it before.

Chrome iPad

Available with all Major LMSs

Bi-directional integration keeps data automatically synchronized

Genius is integrated with more than 25 LMSs, avoiding double-entry and ensuring data is automatically synchronized. Users, courses and enrollments are automatically pushed to the LMS, while grades, performance scores, activity and completion status are automatically pulled from the LMS. Users can also use a Single Sign-On (SSO) to seamlessly navigate between platforms.