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Student Enrollment Management System

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Student Enrollment Management System

Education is a competitive industry, and 21st century schools need to use every tool available to maximize enrollment and student engagement. Technology is not only the preferred way for educational institutions to manage a variety of enrollment functions, but also makes online classes and many other educational services possible.

For those reasons and many others, computer platforms like student enrollment management systems are the wave of the future. If your school needs to increase enrollment as well as retain and serve the students you already have, then you should be using a student enrollment management system like Genius SIS.

Benefits of Student Enrollment Management Systems

Ease of Use and Data Gathering: This system makes enrollment an easy process for both the student and the school admissions employees. From start to finish, the student enrollment management system allows for seamless data gathering and communications. It’s not just enrollment software, it’s a complete marketing package that will help with recruitment, admissions and follow up processes.

Marketing: The internet has changed how students search for schools to attend, enroll and complete the admissions process. If you don’t have a powerful online presence, then you’re going to lose out on potential enrollees. The student enrollment management system can be used as a marketing tool to reach out to your demographic base, and create a relationship. Enrollment tools shouldn’t be static, they should be a part of your marketing plan.

Streamlining the Admissions Process: The enrollment system provides a single point of access for inquiries, admissions and enrollment. By fine-tuning aspects of your student enrollment management system, you will seamlessly promote, engage and process admissions applications. If your admissions process is time-consuming, hard to track or broken, then you will lose potential students. Candidates will judge your school based on your processes, so don’t let them down!

What to Look for in a Student Enrollment Management System

The school’s enrollment process should be in a format that’s easy to use, with step by step instructions and an application that allows the applicant to save their information for later. If the applicant has questions, there should be a viable help option online and readily available. It’s imperative that your enrollment process is error-free, so you don’t miss out on a completed application.

Above all, student enrollment management systems should be user-friendly, secure, fast and reliable. When an application for admission is submitted, the data is sent to a variety of departments that are involved in the process. The student can easily track their application's process as it moves forward, and get instantly notified if there are any issues that need to be resolved. Information can be shared between school departments like financial aid, records, educational advisors and enrollment.

How Genius SIS Empowers Students -- From Application to Enrollment and Beyond

Applicants are empowered by the functionality of student enrollment management systems. They can take charge of scheduling interviews at the campus, taking a tour of the school or making appointments with advisors. The system can provide real-time notifications about the status of their application or financial aid, thus cutting down on inquiries.

Once enrolled, students have access to their student accounts to view their financial aid, tuition fees and other billing information. Financial aid offers can be accepted and funded via the system in a secure manner, with no delay in paying school tuition. Students will appreciate the self-management options provided by your school.

Improve the Way You Engage with Prospective Students

Student enrollment management systems are an effective tool for following up on incomplete applications and inquiries. Communication is key when it comes to potential students who may be shopping around for schools. When you take the time to reach out and engage with a new applicant it lays the groundwork for a great educational experience.

Make your school a leader in the world of education by incorporating student enrollment management systems into your admissions process. Whether your educational institution is large or small, you owe it to your students to offer them an advanced data system to handle many of their application, registration and enrollment needs -- any time, anywhere, without having to pick up the phone. The student enrollment management systems can reduce time-consuming tasks, lost applications and decreased enrollment numbers. That saves time and hassle for everyone involved!

The benefits of student enrollment management systems will help your school's numbers go up with favorable reviews from students. It's a cost-effective solution that will help your school stay competitive when it comes to enrollment, student satisfaction and graduation rates.

Improve the application and enrollment process for your staff and your students alike. Contact us for a demo of Genius SIS today!