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Simplify how you manage training, professional development and certification

Genius Enterprise Training Management System (TMS) centralizes registration and management for all tools you use to deliver training. By seamlessly integrating with multiple LMS vendors and learning delivery platforms, Genius Enterprise aggregates all your training data under one user-friendly interface. With Genius Enterprise, you can easily manage who needs training and track how well they were trained using your training delivery method of choice.

Genius Enterprise provides a wealth of out-of-the-box reports from this aggregated training data to help you monitor compliance, deliver certifications, and track individual development plans - all in a centralized, intuitive platform that can be customized to meet the unique needs of each client.

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Image   Self-registration

Genius Enterprise provides a catalog of all training being offered by your organization, which learners can use to self-register and pay through integrated gateways.

Image   Approval Workflow

Registrations can go through an approval workflow where managers process requests before the learner is given access. Genius Enterprise also controls caps and requisites.

Image   Management Dashboard

Managers can quickly visualize the training for their direct reports. Key indicators help monitor training activity, completion results and engagement rates.

Image   Learning Paths

Administrators can create training programs that learners need to complete and track their progress. Learning Paths can include pre-requisites and timelines.

Image   Powerful Reporting

There are more than 30 existing reports, including completion reports, and users can create and save new reports using a powerful report builder.

Image   Certificates

Upon completion of training, Genius issues a certificate for that enrollment. The completed training is also available in the learner’s transcript.


Application Integration

Data is kept synchronized across platforms

Genius Enterprise offers a comprehensive API that lets external applications interface with the database. Administrators can also "bulk upload" csv files to create courses, learners and sections. Additionally, Genius Enterprise can be integrated with more than 25 Learning Management Systems, so that double-entry is eliminated and both systems have access to the same synchronized data.

Genius Enterprise can also be integrated to external payment systems such as PayPal® and Authorize.Net®.

Flexible Email and Reporting

Authorized users can create their own emails and reports.

Genius Enterprise provides actionable information based on user-defined criteria, including performance scores and activity levels. For example, a user could send an email to all learners who have not logged in during the last 7 days and have a grade below 70%. Emails can be set up to be sent automatically based on a dynamic criterion, and all emails are logged in a communication log.

Users can also create their own customized reports using a powerful report builder so that data that needs to be constantly reported on are available with a few clicks.


Security and Access

Administrators can configure access levels and audit changes

The system administrator can easily configure Genius Enterprise so that only certain users have access to specific pages. For instance, the administrator can specify that only the Training Manager has access to the learner activity, or that a manager only has access to their employees' data.

Access and changes to the database are tracked and logged, and Genius Enterprise uses SSL encryption to ensure data is kept safe.

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